Welcome to Felson's Glasgow

Felsons Cocktail
Welcome to Felson's Glasgow.

We are inspired by Fast Eddie Felson, a 1950’s Hollywood eight-ball stick hero. A cool, confident player with a competitive attitude and a love of the game. Living on the edge, never afraid of a challenge, he would play for tens of thousands of dollars a game without even flinching!

At Felson’s you will find yourself transported to a cool venue with stylish designs, great food and lots of drinks to choose from including a wide variety of Craft beers and great cocktails. You will also have the chance to play a game of pool with some mates!

Who will be the Eddie Felson of your group?

* We are an over 18 venue at all times


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Opening times

  • Monday - Thursday 4:00pm - Midnight
  • Friday 4:00pm - 2:00am
  • Saturday Noon - 2:00am
  • Sunday Noon - Midnight