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An ode to Eddie

Eddie Felson

Fast Eddie Felson was 1950’s Hollywood eight-ball stick hero. A cool, confident player with a competitive attitude and a love of the game. Living on the edge, never afraid of a challenge, he would play for tens of thousands of dollars a game, without even flinching. He was cool under pressure, but he liked to have fun, performing tricks and drop shots for the crowd. A magician with a pool stick, he set a world record for dropping 22 balls in a single shot.

It is this world, and his personality that we draw influence from. The attitude, the environment, the mood, the shared love of sport, of competition, of gamesmanship. We are looking to deliver the Felson’s lifestyle and encourage our customers to seek out the best there is for a quality experience - settling for average is nowhere near good enough, and a winner never quits.

In the true spirit of Eddie Felson, we continue to bring you the best ingredients for a top night out. Great food, delicious drinks and great pool. Check out our latest menus below.

Felson's pool area

Playing the game

Whatever the occasion Felson's has the packages for you, from birthday parties to stag and hen weekends here at Felson's we have the package for you. Here at Felson's playing pool isn’t just a game it’s a way of life! And there is no better feeling than being able to introduce people into our way of life, we have no memberships and no restrictions. Our staff are fully trained in the rules for both beginners and the serious players and have all the information to help get you started or settle that disagreement about the fine print of the game! Whether it be your first time picking up a cue or your hundredth, being part of Eddies has one goal and that is to encourage everyone to have fun play pool and have fun!